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Work hard, play hard

So, unknowingly, I signed up for the most intense and hardcore class they offer at SATS – just because it sounded like fun and was at a suitable hour. Today, at 12AM. I died a little, but enjoyed A LOT and met an old schoolmate. So much fun!!

Below is a video of the trademarked GRIT Plyo 30 minute workout that is supposed to be the same all over the world and where you really get pushed to the limit. And seriously, with “Work hard, play hard” on the tracklist, who wouldn’t give in and do that last sit-up? haha

“LES MILLS GRIT™PLYO is an intense plyometric-based workout that gets results fast!

Combining the principles of plyometrics and power agility training, these 30-minute team training sessions on a bench will build a powerful, agile and athletic body.

The scientifically backed and comprehensively tested training routine regimen is supported by a highly-trained coach who is down on the floor with you, pushing you to your limit and making certain that you get results. “

Hey followers – Sorry about this new engagement of mine, I promise to write something more interesting or post a photo of myself very soon, ok?

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