Beware of scammer using my name.


Did you get an offer to rent an apartment or get a request for money from me? Did you talk to a Caroline on some weird dating page on Facebook? No you didn’t.

No I’m not in the Philippines, no I’m not from California, no I don’t even work at UNICEF anymore. You have been subject to a scam and I’m thankful for having this website as a channel to warn you and protect myself.

Please let me know through the contact form of any profiles using my name, and please report them to the page they are using immediately. You can even link to this post. I would be much grateful if you helped me with this.

I guess this is to be expected at some point when you’re as active online as I am. People always said “why do you post so much online, aren’t you afraid?” and even if it sounds a bit strange – this is the exact reason why I have this website. I own my name and information online, and the page has very high rating on Google so it’s usually the first thing people find when googling me. Welcome.

Several people have contacted me and written that somebody is trying to rent them apartments in Australia or asking for money over Facebook messenger. They found me using Google and wrote to me through the contact form. Please do the same if you are here because of the same reason so I can keep track of what’s happening.

Being active online has always been part of my job and a way for me to stay informed and out there. I would be grateful if you could help me stop this person so I can continue being me.

Thanks a lot,

P.s. You can also help me by clicking the image above and reporting the profile to Facebook..