If that Stephen Hawking supported Breakthrough Listen project was any successful, and we realized there’s indeed alien life nearby, would we then finally all get together as one in-group and share the planet if we found out there was something else we could refer to as “them”?


While I’m extremely excited about living in a time when life on other planets might officially be confirmed, and witnessing the reaction of the masses, I’m not certain that we have done a particularly great job here, on our own planet. If other intelligence is as mean as we have been by nature, they will be suspicious – and they will want a war. If the scientists confirm that there indeed are aliens – foil hatters, conspiration theorists and power maniacs will implode. Many won’t be able to imagine an intelligent being with more power than man, or the idea that these beings one day might decide to come over for a friendly talk. People will quote obscure randomness from Nostradamus. Churches will ring their bells. Hollywood will go bananas. I’m imagining mass hysteria and chaos.

But hey, maybe they’re not only more intelligent than we are, but also beyond primitive attitudes of violence, racism and sexism.. and will just alien-giggle at us as if we were lost kittens trying to bite our own tail.

Maybe we could learn something new.

I’m thinking of much needed sensitization campaigns:
“This American kitten was found dying, what this friendly alien did next will leave you in tears”
Cat healed. Happy music. Funny cat video. Alien and cat-owner hug. Humanity survives.

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