Belize 2015 Work

Storytelling, Fundraising and Photography – sharing insights.


I’m really enjoying the storytelling workshops that I’m doing with our partners here in Belize.

Sharing insights and advice on storytelling, fundraising, reporting and, as an added bonus, photography, is a way for UNICEF to strengthen the capacity and sustainability of local initiatives.

Important to point out about the UN in general, is that our goal is to eventually “not be necessary” and to create independence rather than being a “forever financial supporter”.

Teaching organizations how to raise funds from international donors and make partnerships with the private sector in the country, how to document their activities through stories and photography, how to give their beneficiaries a voice and space in their communication, and how to tell a good story to highlight the importance of the work they are doing – the added value in that is far larger than just supporting their activities financially – and is very much in line with the values of UNICEF.


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