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Salar de Uyuni

Today deserves a throwback to when I once sat down and played my charango in the Bolivian salt flats, while backpacking on my own around the continent.

A trip with constant beautiful moments that shaped me immensely as a person. Months of voluntary uncertainty and complete immersion into a “going with the flow” lifestyle – where only intuition and vibe got to decide where to go next, and all sorts of people were trusted and welcomed into my reality. A time of release from all of the world’s “You should” and full focus on “Who am I and what makes me happy?”

I discovered that things work themselves out magically if you are proactive enough. I discovered that most people can be trusted. I discovered that the reasons for appreciation and happiness are infinite. And I immersed myself into listening and storytelling, photography and human rights – and found that I could combine the things I love to be truly happy with what people refer to as “work“.

So, here I am, 7 years later, gradually changing priorities as I grow and learn – but still refusing to be thrown off track from what “makes me happy” and still not letting any of the “you should” decide things for me.

Thanks for that, Bolivia and friends.

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