Searching for Sugarman

Saw the great Swedish/British documentary about two South African music enthusiasts and their search for the truth about the mysterious death of their and the rest of South Africa’s huge idol, the American singer Sixto Rodriguez. The in America virtually unknown singer and songwriter got an iconic status in South Africa by accident, and is said to largely have inspired the anti apartheid movement with his lyrics and voice.


Searching for Sugarman” is a very engaging and moving documentary with one of the best scores I have heard. I would share the trailer with you, but recommend you to skip it as it spoils the end of the movie (I really dislike trailers!) – just trust me on this one, at least to listen to the fantastic lyrics of this magnificent and incredibly humble poet. I’m completely enchanted.

Sixto Rodriguez – Crucify Your Mind
Cold Fact (1970)

Video: “Summer with Monika” (1953) by Ingmar Bergman

Was it a huntsman or a player
That made you pay the cost
That now assumes relaxed positions
And prostitutes your loss?
Were you tortured by your own thirst
In those pleasures that you seek
That made you Tom the curious
That makes you James the weak?

And you claim you got something going
Something you call unique
But I’ve seen your self-pity showing
As the tears rolled down your cheeks

Soon you know I’ll leave you
And I’ll never look behind
‘Cos I was born for the purpose
That crucifies your mind
So con, convince your mirror
As you’ve always done before
Giving substance to shadows
Giving substance ever more

And you assume you got something to offer
Secrets shiny and new
But how much of you is repetition
That you didn’t whisper to him too

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