Breathing Under Water

Had a discussion with a friend the other day where he stated that “quality music” wasn’t being produced anymore. And while I may agree that few things are as timeless as Miles Davis or even Bob Marley (is there ANYBODY who doesn’t like Bob Marley?) I’m a firm believer that music keeps being reinvented – and I’m a big fan of all these new fusion styles with trappy, funky, souly, jazzy and even hip-hoppy tunes all being blended together, creating completely new sounds. And voices, good voices are always timeless.

Here’s something fresh and awesome, the Australian band with a complicated name, Hiatus Kaiyote, define their style as “future-soul”. They released their album Choose your Weapon in May this year, and released this great video in August.

I’m definitely enjoying this, it’s a pleasure for both the eyes and the ears. :)

Hiatus Kaiyote – Breathing Under Water
Choose Your Weapon (2015)

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