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Mission continued


So my ten days of Bikram Yoga ended today. I finally managed to get into all of the poses on the last day, reaching my original goal with this period of ultimate body bending. I didn’t believe it was possible, but apparently the body adjusts a lot when practicing yoga in a hot room, and the changes are fast.

Stood on a scale this morning and was quite astonished by how much all that sweat must have weighed, and of course all that unhealthy food I have been refraining from. It’s much easier to tell friends “No junk for me, I’m doing that yoga thing, you know..” Than explaining how I actually feel better when eating clean.

A ten day intro trial at the only Bikram Yoga Center In Malmö is about 25€. If you decide to continue, you pay 130€ for ten classes. True story. And that’s just too much. Sweating-detox is officially over. Thank you Bikram, it’s been wonderful – Namaste.

Now, as I told you, I was enjoying the routine of exercising but missing some focus on strenght and stamina. So I passed by a very nice training center here in the city the other day to explain my situation and ask if I could sign up for a short term membership. Instead, I got signed up for a campaign where I get a free trial week and can go to all the SATS centers in the city, use the gym, and go to great group trainings. True story, again!

So I spent an hour at the gym yesterday after yoga, and today I was there again, before my last yoga class. It was just me, my iPod and the machines in my bubble of focus and enjoyment, and I couldn’t help but noticing that my muscles feel much more stretched out and flexible now than ever.

So I’m on a second mission. Until Sunday, I will see what I can do with my body and routine, and maybe I will get so used to working out that I will leave this country with some actual health discipline, not only when it’s for free and time limited.

I have triceps by the way, remember those muscles on the underarms? Yeah, I was finally reminded about them today. Oh, beloved pain.

Long shower and a proper night of sleep. Have stayed up working very late the past three nights so this is well deserved, and well enjoyed.

Good night.

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