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Jordan, Palestine & Israel 2015 Part 1: The itinerary

With 10 days blocked out exclusively for my mother during my contract break in March, Mami took her persuasion skills out and convinced me that it was time for yet another trip with our backpacks. We looked at maps and weather reports together, thought of options that were not too far away yet not too close.. and when Daesh started smashing art to pieces in Iraq we agreed that Petra in Jordan was a place that we should make sure we experience as soon as possible.

We booked our flights to and from Amman without booking hotels, and I decided that if we’re going to spend days looking at monuments and beautiful desert, I want my mom to understand some of the local context and history, and experience some of the places I visited in 2010. So we added Palestine and Israel to the itinerary, and the circle was closed. March 9th to 19th 2014 – Jordan, Palestine, Israel. The photos and the stories are coming!

Jordan map

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