Budapest/Europe 2016

7 months in Budapest

I haven’t been hiding, I’ve just been very busy.

My time in Budapest on a very interesting mission is coming to an end, and I am leaving the city tomorrow – ready to take on a new challenge and new adventure, this time in Stockholm, Sweden. (After a couple of weeks of travelling.) I have photos and stories to share and will do so at some point soon – but first a quick shout out to those who sent emails asking what happened with the blog – I’m very much okay! And a big thank you to Budapest for embracing me with its enchanting architecture, great food and long walks. A true gem in the heart of Europe. Even being here, in such a great city, the job has still been responsible for most of the pleasure these last couple of months, it’s been wonderfully enriching and I can’t wait to tell you about it.

Photo taken with my new Minox35ML, I’m trying this analog thing now. :)

UPDATE: Posts will slowly but surely start appearing under this post. Because I like things to come in chronological order. :) Don’t miss!)


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