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Pharrell just dropped a tune rocking a very important message, an beautiful video, and of course his indisputable super talent in lyrics, vocals and dancing. The voice, the man, freedom!

Pharrell Williams – Freedom
Released 22 July 2015

Hold on to me
Don’t let me go
Who cares what they see?
Who cares what they know?
Your first name is Free
Last name is Dom
We choose to believe
In where we’re from

Man’s red flower
It’s in every living thing
Mind, use your power
Spirit, use your wings

Hold on to me
Don’t let me go
Cheetahs need to eat
Run antelope
Your first name is King
Last name is Dom
We choose to believe
In everyone

When a baby first breathes
When night sees sunrise
When the whale hides in the sea
When men recognize us
Breathe in

We are from heat
Electric wonder
Does it shock you to see
He left us the sun?
Atoms in the air
Organisms in the sea
The sun and, yes, man
Are made of the same things

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