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South America 2008

I haven’t published most of these photos here before.

It’s from when I had just defended my Bachelor thesis and decided that it was time to pack my bags and leave all forms of comfort, safety and routine behind. I landed in Buenos Aires all by myself, 21 years old, on a January afternoon, equipped with the Lonely Planet and a very curious mind, and started a trip that would always come to influence my priorities, values and perspectives.

All the interesting people I met on the way, the amount of amazement and thrill I experienced, all the time I spent contemplating and the things I learnt about myself became the foundation of my adult personality. I trusted many strangers that became my friends, learnt how to play the charango, jumped from an airplane, celebrated my birthday with an entire hostel, bought strange clothes, enjoyed the little things, worked as a sound technician, burnt my skin in the sun, travelled with clowns, went to the desert, took care of people, swam with dolphins in the amazon river, discussed important matters, climbed a volcano, spent a total of 212 hours in buses, and allowed myself to fall in love. But the three most important things I brought with me from these four months in six different countries in South America, was the ability to trust my instincts, relax my mind and be genuinely happy.


  1. oh man, i just had flashbacks for the past 10 minutes. great times. great site Caroline, keep up the amazing work.

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