Photography South America 2008

El condor pasa

La Paz, Bolivia 2008

I did intend to learn it.. I even took classes. I managed learning the basic chords and “el condor pasa” and came to the conclusion that it’s enough.
Look at all the bracelets.. it’s so hilarious – I wasn’t kidding.

I’ll get into that mood sometime again, it’s strange but definitely enjoyable, if only for a short while.


Ah, found a clip. I love this song.. but nah, I didn’t play it as good as this funny guy.. :)

I have a clip somewhere from the shop where I bought my Charango, I went back there a couple of times and made them play this song for me.. then I got tired of trying when people are watching so I recorded the guy playing, went back to my room and sat down with the video, copying his hands when playing.. just like learning to play the guitar from youtube – but in real life! haha I really had all the time in the world.. :)

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