In the air.


Norwegian doesn’t only offer first class customer service – agreeing to change the date of my ticket without charging, it is also one of very few airlines in the world, and Europe’s first, to offer free wifi on board. And it has animated puppets for the safety instruction video and cards – starring a blonde mother with a very thin waist and huge hips. Well, why not I guess.

Yesterday was a great night! Can’t wait to upload the photos of the whole group acting out the roles of our Halloween outfits. Piotr and Kris left for Warsaw early this morning and Avina and I went to a thai restaurant just next to her place, shared a huge plate of delicious pad thai and went back home to spend the rest of the day in bed, eating candy and watching animated movies. “It’s so fluffy!!”

So I’m up in the sky again. On my 14th flight in less than 2,5 months. Time for some me-time. Malmö next.



“Goodmorning, I just wanted to confirm that we are staying another night in Pushkar. Ok? No problem? Fantastic, thank you.”

My mother takes candid photos of me in the weirdest of situations. I was practically still asleep while making this phonecall. Hilarious.

Anyway, Seventh Heaven Inn in Pushkar is wonderful. “This is how I dreamed India would be!” my mother exclaimed when we entered the first time. So we stayed three nights, and tomorrow we’re going to Jodhpur. By taxi. Five hours for 25€.

All of this is definitely a different kind of exploring India for me, but travelling two weeks is indeed a direct contrast to travelling for two months – time is actually significant this time. And a little bit of comfort.

Best of India


The food, the Taj. Apart from all the unpredictability and spirituality you find around here, these two are the best of India.

It’s my second time visiting this mesmerizing work of art and the Taj Mahal is still the most breathtaking and beautiful building I have ever seen.

Happy to be sharing this with Mami. She showed me the pyramids in Giza more than 15 years ago.

Hopping on a train soon. Just a short ride this time.

All done, honey!





I’ve had two hectic but wonderful last days in New York, spending time with the two funniest and sweetest of friends, running for important meetings, visiting a friend in the UN building, walking around, and taking care of all that was left to take care of before my take-off – back to where I will be able to drop off these 23+15kg bags and think about what will be coming up next.

Girls, thank you so much! You gave me a wonderful ending to these six months of both pleasant and unpleasant experiences. You welcomed me to your world, life and magnificent city as if I had always lived here – you made me feel at home – and very eager to come back!

I will miss you dearly!

So I just had really nice chicken with asparagus, mushrooms and white wine sauce here in the airport. As I was done, the beautiful waitress passed by, asking “are you done, honey?” – another thing I will certainly miss about NY is the excellent service – I have never tipped this much in my entire life.