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It’s Saturday morning.

I’m trying to study while my housemate is out on a killing spree. The World Aids Day campaign woke me up as a car with speakers, drummers and dancers passed by outside this morning, a lady chanting: “Todos unidos na luta contra SIDA!” (All of us united in the fight against AIDS!) They were driving slowly with a police escort, people from the street joining the party as it was passing by. That’s what works best over here if you want to mobilize people – throw a festa! With an HIV prevalence of 11.5% in the country, we can’t really get enough of information campaigning. Hopefully the party reaches the districts properly as well.

Had a very Mexican breakfast today. As you might have noticed, no matter which country I end up in I always seem to find myself living or at least hanging out most of my days with Latin Americans. Not that it’s on purpose, it just happens!

Right Ady, Chema, Daneff, David, Leonie, and Suzanna? Ahuevo! Haha.

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