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Timbuktu & Damn! in Maputo

Timbuktu and his band Damn! made it from Sweden all the way to my beloved Maputo. They were playing in the FEIMA park right after a really happy and nice Stewart Sukuma concert, all organized by the Swedish Embassy.

People all ages danced and sang along, for me it was a wonderful feeling to get to sing in Swedish and hop around to songs I’ve known for years right after a very traditional Mozambican marrabenta show. It was all there, at the same place! The audience chanted “En gång till!” which is “one more time” in Swedish, and we made Timbuktu and the band jump, dance and sing for us until it was completely dark.

We moved on to an after party at the Scandinavian school where we had drinks and talks before taking the band with us to show them Maputo by night – concert, street party, local bar, clubbing – some even managed to hang in there until early morning, the way we do it here in Mozambique!

For those of you who don’t know any of the musicians, here are two old videos from Youtube to give you a sense of what they are like.


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