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All these beautiful and amazing people that I meet, get to know, spend a lot of time with.. and then have to leave. I am only now realizing that my time in Copenhagen soon is ending, at least for now.

As every time, nostalgia kicks in and I realize how fast things change, how much I’ve learnt and how I will be missing many parts of it.

The importance and value of what I am doing and have experienced before is relative and sometimes questioned. There will always be that one person telling you that you could have done things differently or should have expected more from something. Sometimes that person is you, sometimes somebody external. Whoever it is, it is worth remembering that disappointment isn’t what your choices deserve as they are originally yours and deserve to be loved for what they have taught you. It might seem like a naïve approach, but it allows to in a constructive way appreciate those very significant lessons, details, memories and insights that always will be yours to keep and use. And that also will help to guide future choices.

What I wanted to say is that I’m listening to the wonders of Brian Eno while packing my bags to go abroad for the holidays. I am not leaving Copenhagen yet, I will come back in January so there is still lots of time to appreciate and enjoy. Both this wonderful city and the unique people that I spend my days with here.

What is ending, however, is the year. And once again, it’s been an amazing one and I have both learnt and enjoyed tons. The person who keeps insisting on trying to convince me otherwise will from now on be kindly asked to take their annoyingly negative mindset and put it in a box.

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