There was a time when I used to cross this bridge a lot. Now it’s a rare luxury – meaning I’m either going to travel, or that I’m going to my favourite SPA and movie marathon hangout in the world: Cicirella’s place.


Here’s an old map with places I starred when living there in 2011. My old place is there, Cicirella’s place is there, our old office is there.. the cafés, clubs, bikes and life. One of my favourite cities in the world, topping the list of cities to live in according to studies. Hello, København.

my passport 2005 – 2013

A quick run through my old passport that has been joining me since I started travelling five years ago. I had to renew it as I only had two pages left for stamps and will be travelling soon again. Receiving the new, empty, modern passport felt like starting from scratch, like rebooting the system. What’s next? What now? Was that it? I don’t know.

After speaking to friends who’s biggest obstacle to travelling is the whole process of standing in line for, applying for, paying for, waiting for and hoping for a visa, I have become increasingly thankful for my EU passport that opens doors of trust in most places. Truth is, I’ve only had to apply for visa through an embassy for three of the 38 countries I visited since this passport was printed. Thank you, Sweden.