Live from Android studies Work



We have this tea here in Denmark called Yogi Tea. It always comes with these cheesy little notes and today I’m kind of liking mine.

Another thing worth mentioning is that this exam that I’m studying for is highly competitive. Despite that, people that have never met before are sharing notes, ideas and advice online. Selflessly helping each other out.

That’s quite exceptional, don’t you think? I have gotten to know some really great and intelligent people through this and I really wish them all the best. They are the kind of people the UN system needs.

Now, let’s do this – one day left!


  1. Hi, Caroline
    Thanks for sharing this nice tea experience with us and specially for those kind words. Thank you for sharing all that information on Facebook, as you said it is really encouraging to found people so generous and cooperative face to such a competitive exam. Thank you sincerely

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