All will prosper

I love it when I randomly feel like listening to an artist and then discover that there is a brand new release out there, waiting to be explored. Goldmund’s latest addition to my world seems just as enchanting as his previous albums. This one is for long flights, beautiful nights and colourful dreaming. Enjoy.

Goldmund – Shenandoah
All will prosper (2011)


  1. You’re not obsessed? Key-slip? Haha, anyway. I also listened last night and came to the conclusion that I actually didn’t like this album as much because of the reference to old American war songs. You should listen to his older albums, if you liked this – you will love them! Also listen to Helios – it’s his other name and the things he produces for that are often nicer. You know I have a spotify list with just ambient, right? I can send it to you, it’s perfect for studying. Besito!

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