Finally Published my Baby!

There’s a new page in my “projects” section! I’m very happy to announce that I have published my first personal photo book, with my favourite of portraits captured throughout the last couple of years, and including a couple of friends. Below is a small selection of some of the spreads, and there are a couple more in the preview. The book is 66 pages in total.Click here to order your copy. :)

Publication: Photo Book – Faces by Caroline Bach

September 2014


So I finally got my photo book with portraits from around the world published! This is a collection of my favourite faces photographed between the years of 2008 and 2014, and I offer it in a beautiful 10x8in (20x25cm) 66-page Hard Cover edition with the highest quality Pearl Photo paper available. The colours will pop, all details will come out – and flipping through the pages will hopefully be a beautiful experience for anybody. It’s not cheap to offer books that can be shipped as single copies, so at the price of USD 79.90 I’m not making any profit – but my photography has always been about sharing photos and stories, so I hope some people will be able to enjoy this despite the price. The book can also be ordered in a slightly less amazing Soft Cover edition via Amazon, and is then at USD 75. (Will post link here as soon as it’s up – should be tomorrow.)

Click any of the photos below to see more of the book and order your copy.

faces 21

I like to talk to strangers. In making new connections, I am constantly reminded that every person has a unique story that deserves to be told – each story teaches me something new and invites me to learn, think and feel. While language sometimes can be a barrier, facial expressions have proven to be a universal way to communicate across all cultures and ages. In this book I want to use this universal language to share a selection of genuine stories, feelings, thoughts and realities – through faces.

I am not a photographer who plans a frame in detail – I’m a very curious person who loves to take pictures of life, and to share. I always try to preserve the realities I experience and the realities that people choose to invite me to, and I keep my photos as dear memories of the moments I have lived and the people I have met.

With a strong focus on photography, and a short note of context, I want to invite you to look, feel and listen to what the individuals in this photo book have to share, and take a moment to fill in the blanks about their experiences, emotions and uniqueness.

Thank you for accompanying me in my curiosity for people and the world, I hope you will enjoy this journey as much as I do.

Caroline Bach














Click here to order your copy.

The priceless truth

On Saturday I went together with Mozambican @Verdade to the outskirts of Maputo to take part in the distribution of their weekly newspaper. I had been talking to the director of the paper on twitter the day before and he asked me if I would like to come along to see what a distribution looks like, and meet the people who read the paper. So I did.

“A Verdade não tem preço!” Somebody shouted as we drove by in our little tuk-tuk.

“The truth has no price” – which is the slogan of the journal, referring both to the truth as such, and to the newspaper.

@Verdade means “The truth” and it costs nothing. It is distributed with tuk-tuks that drive around the slums and suburbs of Maputo, delivering the paper to people who reach out to grab a copy. People come running, often whistle a little tune to get your attention, get a copy, look you in the eyes and always say thank you. They want this information and they want you to know that they are appreciating it.

Old men, young women with babies, security guards, women carrying baskets with fruit on their heads, young people reaching out from the windows of cars and buses, anbody can get a copy – except the youngest one’s. It was exciting to see the scope of the kinds of people who wanted their copy of the newspaper, and I couldn’t help but wondering what the literacy rate was in the places we went – it didn’t look very promising. But whatever these people’s ability to read well actually is, @Verdade seems to be the only thing a lot of people get to read at all, and it might be their only soure of outside information.

The newspaper is written in fairly simple portuguese with a loud politically oppositional voice, a lot of participatory journalism and articles often focusing on social issues of high imporance to the development of Mozambique. I looked through the issue that we were distributing and it had a big article about how to easily protect babies from malnutrition, which is one of the biggest problems here in Mozambique. So I wouldn’t say the literacy rate is a big obstacle, because if only one person can read and tell the other’s what it’s all about, or if the schooled children get to read for their parents in the evening – it’s still great. And people who can’t read well get to really try and practice. Maybe learn.

Launched in 2008, the newspaper has a distribution of 50,000 per issue and is the most read weekly journal in Mozambique. It was very touching to see how much people actually wanted to read the news. They knew we were coming, they knew who we were, and when we were going back through an area we had already been to, you could see everybody with their heads down, reading. Or maybe at least looking at the pictures.

Euroleague for Africa


Euroleague Basketball, Turkish Airlines and Los 40 Principales Radio together present the Euroleague for Africa Charity concert for UNICEF.

The magic happens tomorrow, Saturday May 7th, at the Olympic Esplanade in Barcelona, right next door to Palau Sant Jordi. You’ll get there by hopping on to bus 50, 193 or the Pl. Espanya – Palau Sant Jordi one from Plaza Espanya. Here’s more information at the Unicef España site (in Spanish). You can also click the picture above for official Euroleague info and for tickets.

All the profit from ticket sales go directly to UNICEF so I really hope to see you there tomorrow! ;)

Together for the Kids!

With the help of all the people that donated at the exhibition, ordered photos, bought things through the webpage and sent smses, I managed to collect 12.585kr (1345€) for the kids of the world, through my account at Unicef.

Thank you everybody, this is a beautiful result and we did it together – for the kids!  – Tillsammans för Kidsen!

This was a project where I mainly focused on the situation and reality of the children in India through my photography and the photo exhibition that was held in december, the money raised will however go to kids all over the world – and more help and attention is always needed. In other words – the fundraising continues. The account stays open and there is always a possibility to contribute in many ways. The easiest being by sending an sms from a Swedish mobile to 72 900 where you write KÄMPA KIDS.

Tomorrow I’m jumping onto my flight to Barcelona and I’m hoping that the flight attendants at Spanair will let me bring my home-made box with the photos onto the flight.. I’m bringing some of my kids along, their reality deserves to be displayed and acknowledged in more places.. let’s see what happens.

But first… let’s dance!


This is little Michael at the El Shaddai Childrescue center in Assagao in Goa, India. October 2010.

I will miss Malmö a bit – but I’m really looking forward to living and doing my thing in Barcelona. And I’m taking my photos with me!

I’m at the last stage of this project, with most of the orders delivered, the only thing I’m waiting for now is the bill from the printing house so that I can pay and do that last transfer to Unicef and see what numbers the fundraising finally got to :) In a couple of days you will know – however, the account will not be closed so if you still want to contribute, send a text to 72 900 with KÄMPA KIDS from a Swedish mobile and you give 5€ to the children of the world! Or you can buy yourself a little something here. If you don’t live in Sweden and you would like to make simple a transfer with a Creditcard, you can do it here. Dhanyavaad!

Thank you!

Yesterday was wonderfully fun.

Despite the insane weather conditions, almost 200 people made their way through the snow to visit my photo exhibition. The donations were very generous and 51 photos were ordered. Together we have made a little gesture to help Unicef in continuing their work to ensure every kid in the world clean water, education, healthcare and protection!

Thank you Cultural Department of Malmö and UN Association of Sweden for the financial support.
– Tack till Malmö Kulturförvaltning för Kulturexpressen och till Svenska FN Förbundet för UNg bidraget.
Thank you Printhuset Electra i Malmö for the printing and generous sponsorship.
– Tack till Printhuset Electra i Malmö för tryck och generös sponsring.
Thank you Kulturplats Lagret for the absolutely perfect facilities for the event.
– Tack till Kulturplats Lagret för de fantastiska lokalerna.
Thank you Citytidningen, Metro, Sydsvenskan and Lokaltidningen for letting your readers know about my event.
– Tack till Citytidningen, Metro, Sydsvenskan samt Lokaltidningen för att ni berättade om min utställning för era läsare.
Thank you to all the sweet bloggers for writing about the exhibition on their pages
– Tack till alla söta bloggare som skrev om och supportade utställningen!

Also, I am thankful for having such wonderful friends and family that were listening to all my nagging about this project for two and a half months and helping me out with random things – such as putting the photos up or simply showing support by being there! Tack! <3

It has been a fun project to plan and go through with, the money has not yet been added to the account and there are still ways to donate to my account “Tillsammans för Kidsen!” by either sending an sms to 72 900 with KÄMPA KIDS or buying things through the webpage. For those who were at the exhibition and would like to order something afterwards, you can use the contact form to send me an email and I will get in touch with you.

More information about the project and more photos can be found here. :)

Again, thank you!



Preparations for Sunday!

The press just left so let’s hope they will write nice things tomorrow.. and put a huge picture in the paper.. haha.. then I will just be waiting for you to show up with all your friends! See you in Mazetti on Sunday!

Vernissage, Indiens barn och deras verklighet.
Mazettihuset, Kulturplats Lagret
Sunday, 19th of December, 12:00 – 20:00