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Thank you!

Yesterday was wonderfully fun.

Despite the insane weather conditions, almost 200 people made their way through the snow to visit my photo exhibition. The donations were very generous and 51 photos were ordered. Together we have made a little gesture to help Unicef in continuing their work to ensure every kid in the world clean water, education, healthcare and protection!

Thank you Cultural Department of Malmö and UN Association of Sweden for the financial support.
– Tack till Malmö Kulturförvaltning för Kulturexpressen och till Svenska FN Förbundet för UNg bidraget.
Thank you Printhuset Electra i Malmö for the printing and generous sponsorship.
– Tack till Printhuset Electra i Malmö för tryck och generös sponsring.
Thank you Kulturplats Lagret for the absolutely perfect facilities for the event.
– Tack till Kulturplats Lagret för de fantastiska lokalerna.
Thank you Citytidningen, Metro, Sydsvenskan and Lokaltidningen for letting your readers know about my event.
– Tack till Citytidningen, Metro, Sydsvenskan samt Lokaltidningen för att ni berättade om min utställning för era läsare.
Thank you to all the sweet bloggers for writing about the exhibition on their pages
– Tack till alla söta bloggare som skrev om och supportade utställningen!

Also, I am thankful for having such wonderful friends and family that were listening to all my nagging about this project for two and a half months and helping me out with random things – such as putting the photos up or simply showing support by being there! Tack! <3

It has been a fun project to plan and go through with, the money has not yet been added to the account and there are still ways to donate to my account “Tillsammans för Kidsen!” by either sending an sms to 72 900 with KÄMPA KIDS or buying things through the webpage. For those who were at the exhibition and would like to order something afterwards, you can use the contact form to send me an email and I will get in touch with you.

More information about the project and more photos can be found here. :)

Again, thank you!

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