Publication: Photo Book – Faces by Caroline Bach

September 2014


So I finally got my photo book with portraits from around the world published! This is a collection of my favourite faces photographed between the years of 2008 and 2014, and I offer it in a beautiful 10x8in (20x25cm) 66-page Hard Cover edition with the highest quality Pearl Photo paper available. The colours will pop, all details will come out – and flipping through the pages will hopefully be a beautiful experience for anybody. It’s not cheap to offer books that can be shipped as single copies, so at the price of USD 79.90 I’m not making any profit – but my photography has always been about sharing photos and stories, so I hope some people will be able to enjoy this despite the price.

The book can also be ordered in Soft Cover via Amazon.

Click any of the photos below to see more of the book and order your copy.

faces 21

I like to talk to strangers. In making new connections, I am constantly reminded that every person has a unique story that deserves to be told – each story teaches me something new and invites me to learn, think and feel. While language sometimes can be a barrier, facial expressions have proven to be a universal way to communicate across all cultures and ages. In this book I want to use this universal language to share a selection of genuine stories, feelings, thoughts and realities – through faces.

I am not a photographer who plans a frame in detail – I’m a very curious person who loves to take pictures of life, and to share. I always try to preserve the realities I experience and the realities that people choose to invite me to, and I keep my photos as dear memories of the moments I have lived and the people I have met.

With a strong focus on photography, and a short note of context, I want to invite you to look, feel and listen to what the individuals in this photo book have to share, and take a moment to fill in the blanks about their experiences, emotions and uniqueness.

Thank you for accompanying me in my curiosity for people and the world, I hope you will enjoy this journey as much as I do.

Caroline Bach











Click here to order your copy.


  1. Hejsan!

    Visste inte boken var ute ännu? Vart kan man få se den?
    Har Avina en kopia?

    Kram och jättefint reportage på IG förresten :)

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