Live from Android Nicaragua 2013

Sweet intruder

Suddenly there was a very loud noise coming from the roof above my room. It sounded as if somebody had jumped down onto it with both feet. I woke up immediately, and half asleep I imagined somebody from the US SWAT team in full gear who had just jumped out of a helicopter, or a clumsy cat woman styled thief who wanted to get in through the roof ‘mission impossible’ style, or was it maybe a ‘Donnie Darko’ airplane engine?

The sound that followed immediately forced me to dismiss all of my entertaining and far fetched theories. It was a fast “roll, roll, roll and splat” down onto my patio. I heard the nightly breeze play around with the big tree just above my house, and then there were one, two, three smaller airplane engines rolling down from my roof into my patio.

Right, the mango tree.

And the sound keeps waking me up every now and then, and makes my heart jump when I’m in a quiet mood or away somewhere far into my thoughs. Falling mangoes are very loud!

But then I have this in the morning, and life is super sweet again.


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