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My colleague Natalia would probably fill my inbox with “The importance of work-life balance” TED talks if she knew that I got home from the office less than one hour ago. Luckily, I’m actually enjoying my workload.

I left my computer in the office as I didn’t feel safe about taking it into a cab, and also to prevent myself from continuing working. So now I’m home, ready for bed, and trying to relax my mind which still is I’m working mode.

I trust my ambient playlist and Jónsi and Alex to come to the rescue. And my IKEA vanilla candles that I bring along everywhere, perfect for placing in closets and among stuff to make everything smell nice and homey.

“Stokkseyri is a small town in Southern Iceland, with a population of around 445 inhabitants.

Founded around 900 AD by the settler Hásteinn Atlason. It was an important fishing and trading village in previous times, and now it’s become more of a tourist attraction. The town is founded on the Great Þjórsá lava.

The experimental artistic collaboration Jónsi & Alex wrote a song named after the town which appears as track 4 on their album, Riceboy Sleeps.”

Yeah, I should also sleep now.

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