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Stolen essentials and baobab trees


I have found the land of the magic trees. These amazing creations, scattered all over the Tete landscape, look as if they have entire little villages inside of their enormous stems. The baobab tree does not only bear a nutritious, vitamin rich and useful fruit – it’s also pretty damn beautiful.

So, I have been here for a day, and it has been a rather hectic one, of various reasons. Firstly imagine getting the greatly exciting assignment of being sent to the field to in a few days collect, photograph and report on various people’s experiences of implemented projects. Then, imagine arriving to your guesthouse and realizing that there are things missing from your luggage. And that one of these things is the charger for your camera – the same camera that you very much will need to charge. Let me at this moment remind you that you are far out in the middle of nowhere. And we’re talking so far out that the local bar only serves one kind of beer. Just forget finding a charger out here.

Anyway, two hundred phonecalls later, I had found a place that sells Canon chargers, a friend who could buy one for me, and a random acquaintance of a friend, who just happens to be on his way to the same province tomorrow! (aaand my friend just happens to be such an angel that I also will get to borrow an L lens.) So simply put: a new charger and an awesome lens are on their way to me with tomorrow’s flight, and somebody will bring them out here. Because one always knows somebody, who knows somebody, who knows somebody who.. right?

So, I’m currently staying in the only guesthouse there is in this district. There are only two types of rooms, one for 10€, the other for 30€. And the difference? A mirror, and a TV. I don’t watch TV.

So anyway, here I am. In the middle of nowhere. On a very exciting assignment with the UNICEF. And right now I’m mainly amazed by the good 3g connection while focusing on hiding well inside my mosquito net. I’m completely covered in repellent and a little bit paranoid. The last thing I need now is malaria.

My neighbour is blasting Beyonce from his mobile phone so I might as well give you a photo of my bathroom window. I chose the cheaper room, of course. It’s all about piorities, darling.


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