Barcelona 2011 Thoughts

Barcelona – A 6 Month Romance.


Barcelona – my beloved. Thank you, you’re amazing!

Our relationhip lasted 6 full months and I’ve been enjoying every single day of it. The little streets of el Borne & el Gótico never stopped to both confuse and amaze me, the up-close insight into the protests of #Spanishrevolution, the never-ending dancing at carnivals and parties, all the great food cooked by my roomie Daneff, my darlings visiting me from around the world, the live show provided 24/7 by the neighbours, the fun I had when working at the Euroleague Basketball finals with the UNICEF, the hours spent relaxing in the sun in the Ciutadella park and at the different beaches in and around Barcelona, watching football, winning football, my work with the United Nations Association of Spain and most importantly – the boost in vocabulary I got from living in Barcelona, talking to people every day and from my Spanish classes, are priceless experiences that I always will carry with me.

And the people I’ve met – This post is about all of you. Thank you for all our shared moments – I’ve had a great time and many of us will surely meet again!

There is no other way to describe my time in Barcelona than great, I am in love with the city and thankful for the time I got to spend there. Somehow I was lucky to be living next door from one of the most beautiful buildings in the city, two minutes away from my daily classes, five from the UN Association, seven from Plaza Cataluña and 15 from the beach. By foot. In a beautiful apartment with really nice roomies and high ceilings.

Barcelona – Moltes gràcies!! And remember – this is not goodbye, this is hasta luegoI LOVE YOU!


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