Crec que puc


Organizing papers and books, I found this. My relationship with Catalan was very brief, even though one of the first things I ever learned was t’estimo.. Nevertheless, it’s an interesting language and propably helped me out quite a bit when I a year later started learning Portuguese. Behold as the planets align! Haha

my passport 2005 – 2013

A quick run through my old passport that has been joining me since I started travelling five years ago. I had to renew it as I only had two pages left for stamps and will be travelling soon again. Receiving the new, empty, modern passport felt like starting from scratch, like rebooting the system. What’s next? What now? Was that it? I don’t know.

After speaking to friends who’s biggest obstacle to travelling is the whole process of standing in line for, applying for, paying for, waiting for and hoping for a visa, I have become increasingly thankful for my EU passport that opens doors of trust in most places. Truth is, I’ve only had to apply for visa through an embassy for three of the 38 countries I visited since this passport was printed. Thank you, Sweden.

Interrupting starfish.


Sudden 6am messsage from Den who currently lives in Costa Rica.

“Hey, what was that joke we said we would remember? The one you told when we couldn’t sleep?”

So, referring to when Den visited me in Barcelona in 2011 and we stayed in bed, babbling all night. At one point, half asleep, we got to telling each other bad jokes..

It was NOT that one. Haha.. so the search continues in the dungeons of memory.

Good morning!

Ser valiente y aprender


Our fridge in Barcelona once got crowned by an improvised poem by dearest Carmen from Venezuela.

I don’t know why, but the fridge poetry somehow triggers my thoughts about having my own place. A place to live in, own, and decorate. First of all, I would invest in a good sound system, because sound is number one. And I would get an LP player, because there really is something about vinyl. I would make sure all my gadgets were interconnected and I would finally hang up that huge, beautiful hammock I once bought in Bolivia. I would buy strange art and expensive shampoo and spoil myself with things one just can’t prioritize when living somewhere only for a short period of time. I would get many more of those huge tea cups I love, and stock up with many kinds of nice tea. And then I would always, always have a place for friends to come and visit. For a cup of tea, or for staying an entire month. Porque la vida es dar y recibir. And you know I love you tons.

Writing this made me dream about the discs I would want to have on LP. The first one’s that came to my mind were Moon Safari by Air, Kind of Blue by Miles Davis and Little Girl Blue by Nina Simone. I would try to get hold of Hurry up, We’re Dreaming by M83, and I would of course get Purple Rain by Prince, just because that show still beats all concerts I have ever been to.

El Clásico


Twitter tells me there’s an ongoing el Clásico game and I am thrown into nostalgia and memories of how I used to open my balcony to enjoy the echoing sound of people cheering all over the city. We were there when Barcelona won the Champions League, actually I just took this picture from Daneffs phone when she was here this weekend.

It feels like that moment and my life in Barcelona was years ago. I have so many of these small and big moments that are worth remembering many times over. I see them as reasons to be happy and reminding myself that complaining never is an option.

I have so many random mobile photos from Barcelona that they deserve their own blogpost. Soon. If you want to.