Barcelona 2011 Photography Spanish Revolution

¡No tenemos miedo!

Tonight will be a big night,

Children at Plaza Catalunya in front of a sign saying No tenemos miedo – “We are not afraid”

I passed by Plaza Catalunya earlier today to see how the indignados were doing and it’s just wonderful how well they have managed to organise themselves. There are activities for children, a huge kitchen where people cook huge pots of coffee and food, a communications centre, international translation services, information centres, organised speeches, and activities, music, theatre, art, books, people, more people and big maps of the whole plaza with instructions and information. What strikes you is that every person is invited and welcome to participate, it’s not an organisation that has mounted the whole thing, it’s everybody, the people. There is no chaos as I was expecting at first, The whole thing seems very well thought through and as I said, organised, which for me makes it all much more legitimate, real and powerful.

To those who still haven’t understood what this is all about, there is already a great wiki for it.

I will be at the plaza tonight to support the protesters and listen to the debates. And of course, to take pictures.

I’m going now, see you there!

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