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#AcampadaBCN 20 de Mayo 2011

Following are some impressions from today’s protest at Plaza de Catalunya. It’s been a wonderful experience and I chose to head back home while a lot of people stayed at the square to spend the night.

The protests were declared illegal at midnight because of the upcoming elections, despite that, the police chose not to interfere and the people got to stay on the squares around Spain. The ambience surrounding this movement is amazing and once again, the organisation is exemplary. The discussions continued until just an hour ago and some interesting ideas were brought through. More about that tomorrow.

I don’t have much to add tonight except from the fact that I don’t think International Press is giving this event enough attention, there’s something big happening in Spain right now and the world is missing out. Even if this might not change the world, something has already changed in the minds of the people participating, and in terms of Social Psychology, this is one of the most interesting events I have witnessed.

Here are some pictures from today and I want to send a big thank you to Barcelona, and thank you to Plaza Catalunya! Manos arriba!


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