Barcelona 2011 Live from Android Thoughts

La Metamorfosis


I found Kafka (The Metamorphosis, 1915) in Spanish in the bookshelf of my new apartment and I decided to give it a try. So far it has been quite confusing but also amusing and I’m still hanging in there.

I love big bookshelves filled with books left behind by random people and I always look for them all over when travelling. Now, the fact of actually having one, filled with gems I always wanted to read – in the language I want to practice, in my own livingroom is really just another reason for not wanting to leave this magical city.

I love the fact that the choices I need to make now all are realities I really look forward to engage in. Now it’s just about deciding what alternatives I actually have and choosing the most exciting and fruitful one and see to which other places and alternatives it takes me.

I don’t agree when people tell me that I’m lucky to be encountering new opportunities all the time. I am thankful and happy about having the possibility to travel and move and search, but there are always alternatives, possibilities and choices. And with the risk of sounding pretentious, I do want to state that it is a fact that is general for most people, and that you just need to choose to look for them and dare to jump on that moving train when it passes by instead of letting life get in your way. If you enjoy change, that is. Change and development and new experiences.

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