NYC 2013

Those of you who followed me during my trip to New York noticed how enchanted I was by the city. And there was no doubt about it, I found NYC to be full of diversity, impressions and stark contrasts. Colours, street art, details. Live music, fantastic food, and eccentric people. It was busy and it was exciting, and as a cherry on top, I had the company of two of the most amazing girls I know. So yes, I have officially added a new city to my top 5 places to live in the world.

my passport 2005 – 2013

A quick run through my old passport that has been joining me since I started travelling five years ago. I had to renew it as I only had two pages left for stamps and will be travelling soon again. Receiving the new, empty, modern passport felt like starting from scratch, like rebooting the system. What’s next? What now? Was that it? I don’t know.

After speaking to friends who’s biggest obstacle to travelling is the whole process of standing in line for, applying for, paying for, waiting for and hoping for a visa, I have become increasingly thankful for my EU passport that opens doors of trust in most places. Truth is, I’ve only had to apply for visa through an embassy for three of the 38 countries I visited since this passport was printed. Thank you, Sweden.

All done, honey!





I’ve had two hectic but wonderful last days in New York, spending time with the two funniest and sweetest of friends, running for important meetings, visiting a friend in the UN building, walking around, and taking care of all that was left to take care of before my take-off – back to where I will be able to drop off these 23+15kg bags and think about what will be coming up next.

Girls, thank you so much! You gave me a wonderful ending to these six months of both pleasant and unpleasant experiences. You welcomed me to your world, life and magnificent city as if I had always lived here – you made me feel at home – and very eager to come back!

I will miss you dearly!

So I just had really nice chicken with asparagus, mushrooms and white wine sauce here in the airport. As I was done, the beautiful waitress passed by, asking “are you done, honey?” – another thing I will certainly miss about NY is the excellent service – I have never tipped this much in my entire life.