my passport 2005 – 2013

A quick run through my old passport that has been joining me since I started travelling five years ago. I had to renew it as I only had two pages left for stamps and will be travelling soon again. Receiving the new, empty, modern passport felt like starting from scratch, like rebooting the system. What’s next? What now? Was that it? I don’t know.

After speaking to friends who’s biggest obstacle to travelling is the whole process of standing in line for, applying for, paying for, waiting for and hoping for a visa, I have become increasingly thankful for my EU passport that opens doors of trust in most places. Truth is, I’ve only had to apply for visa through an embassy for three of the 38 countries I visited since this passport was printed. Thank you, Sweden.

A walk in Ramallah, Palestine

Somebody asked me the other day whether I wasn’t afraid to go to Palestine on my own, being a woman and all. Here’s a short video that I took during a solitary walk in central Ramallah in 2010. Not particularly terrifying, or what do you think?

Click here for the rest of the stories from my two months in Israel and Palestine in 2010. (I see I haven’t shared a lot of my impressions from this trip, except for the Master thesis – obviously. Will write some stories when time allows.)

The Last Meal

Last night I dreamt that me & my best friend had a baby puma that we were taking care of, it was dying because it’s mother had left it and it was really stupid (I think I was thinking about Noams ADHD cat Edi). We were feeding it milk from a bottle and taking care of it and then it grew healthy and strong.. and big. Suddenly there was a problem about the puma thinking she was too big so she was going too close to the very dangerous Pandas that were living next to us.. (haha..!) so.. I came up with the most brilliant trick. We went to a flowershop and brought HUGE flowers.. like enormous oversized flowers.. we placed them next to the puma while she was sleeping and when she woke up she thought she had shrunk to baby-puma size again and everybody lived happily ever after.