Tequila Sunrise & Freedom

I want to share a sound with you.


It’s the sound of watching the sun go down after spending a long day at the beach. Accompanied by a glass of cold white wine and the feeling of being perfectly in balance. Tired and happy. Sunglasses still on, watching the sea calm down while your toes press against fine sand. This is the moment when the last rays of sun kiss your warm skin good bye, followed by a soothing evening breeze that invites your mind and body to sway.

My very good and talented friend has just shared this inspiring 2 track EP with me. It will be released on the 1st of April but you can listen to it below.

Trying to describe what I was hearing made me think of yesterday’s beautiful trip to a beach outside Maputo. I was also reminded of many of the previous moments I’ve spent on a beach, staring into a sunset. Some of them in the company of this artist.
I didn’t have any soundtrack for these moments until now, but this is obviously it – and it goes straight into my iPod.

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