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Stockholm wrap-up


Met up with Avina and friends yesterday afternoon for after work and then a nice Thursday night in her company and new apartment. It was a short meet up, but great fun – and now I’m on the train back to Malmö.

Hanging out with Maja, Ava and Zacka for two days was also wonderful. I got to read bedtime stories, I got to be a mouse/elephant/dinosaur, I got a beautiful session of exchange of ideas and feedback on thoughts – and an enormous feeling of warmth, trust and love. And fun.




I’m happy that I managed to find time for some of the people who matter most to me, and despite it being a very short Stockholm visit, it was a very rewarding and necessary one.

In 10 days I’m travelling to Belize for my new UNICEF contract.

Before leaving, Ava asked whether I would come soon again, or whether she could come visit me in Belize. I explained that I would be travelling 36 hours to get there, (that’s a day and a half!) to which Ava responded that she unfortunately won’t visit me. “That’s just too far and too many hours in airplanes, Caroline.”

I understand Ava’s difficulties with travelling to the Caribbean to visit her big sister, and we promised to Skype – but I do expect some of you darlings to come visit.

There will be palm trees.

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