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Tobago part 3 – Last day and a beautiful underwater surprise!

After about an hour of driving, we arrived at a viewpoint called “The Most Beautiful View in the World”.. again? Well, this one was indeed beautiful, as it was overlooking the Castara bay and its crystal clear waters. We found a lovely restaurant with great food and nice mango smoothies where we had a sunset drink and then dinner in the company of hummingbirds. Next day was our last on the island, and of the trip, so we decided to do what is best done in Tobago – spend it on the beach. It was a quiet little beach a short walk from our cottage, and we went snorkeling and swimming when Luc suddenly went “Turtle, turtle, turtle!!” I swam the fastest I could to where he was snorkeling.. and there it was, a smaller one but just as curious and not the least bothered by our presence. A beautiful hawksbill sea turtle. Luc dove down to take a photo of it, it circled us a couple of times and then graciously waved its flippers and swam away. Such a sweet way to end our holiday. Thank you, Tobago.

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