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Tobago part 2 – Argyle Waterfalls and a House full of Bats

We went back to Charlotteville after our turtle success, packed the backpacks, and set off to explore the rest of the island. Tobago has a lot to offer apart from lovely little bays with dreamy beaches but we didn’t have anything in particular in mind, which is the great thing about there only being a few roads and one being in a car. We drove in direction towards Castara which would be our last stop before departure – and stopped on the way whenever we felt like it. (Usually to add something to the snack-bag) First stop were the Argyle waterfalls, an easy hike from a parking lot through a very nice tropical forest. We swam in the water and stood under the falls, and I was happy as I always get when it comes to waterfalls.

Second stop came further up the road, when we chose to take a detour to see what “Parlatuvier bay” could be. Parlatuvier is a village with a beautiful bay, and was completely quiet and empty when we got there – apart from little Malakai who was sitting by the road. Malakai showed us his school where the security guard, Django, explained how the four age-groups have classes in the same time during the day, separated only by low walls. He also explained that the name of the village comes from a French occupier named Vier, who was an important man one would have to talk to in order to get hold of something important or unusual. “It’s from French, speak to Vier” he said. “Basically, when we say Parlatuvier we mean that something is hard to get.” Malakai then asked an exciting question “Would you like to see some bats?” and we obviously wanted to see some bats – so Malakai took us to his uncle’s house, called the bathouse, where nobody lives anymore – apart from a bunch of bats that were flying around our heads as we stepped in. Random enough for a little roadtrip.

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