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Yay, Monday!


I’m trying out different gyms in Malmö. None of them will let me sign up short-term anyway, and I’m still not planning to hang around here for much longer. One month for 10€ here, one week trial for free there, and so it goes. Maybe I’ll write a gym guide when I’m done. Haha

Back to work now – I’m going to Gothenburg tomorrow to do a lecture. It’s for youth and they named it “Inspiration and guidance by Caroline Bach” which made me giggle. It sounds like I’m some kind of New Age dreadlock lady who will come on stage dressed in a long white dress carrying a stereo playing dolphin sounds. Haha! No, it’s just human rights, engagement, ideas, UN, and career stuff for young people who want to get engaged. I promise. No “fall back and Iet me catch you” workshops on my account. I like dolphins but I’m far more into proactivity. Get going! Yay!

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