Central America 2013 Nostalgia

Random post

Did you know that there is a button in the Archives that says “Random post” ? Clicking it, you get to a random post from between June 2009 and today. It’s risky business for me, haha, but it’s all me and I have told you before that I use my blog like a diary, and that it has the ability to throw me right back into a moment and the way I felt at that point. Like this picture, when I clicked random post just now, it took me to the days when I used to stay in the office at UNICEF Nicaragua until long after working hours – because I had a deadline that was very optimistic from the first place. But hey, a deadline is a deadline – especially when you’re a consultant, and I really don’t mind working late when I’m excited about what I do. Not kidding!

Ms freckles

On another, dead serious, note. I was just at the gym. And I realized my arms are ridiculously weak, while my legs are kind of super strong. After realizing that, I drove back home and ate almost an entire bar of dark chocolate. Because dark chocolate isn’t not really candy, right? haha

Click the picture above for a random post. And let me know which one you got!


  1. I got Cotton Candy in Israel 2010! Sweet pic… One of those sweet adventures of yours. Te quiero y te llevo conmigo siempre. Esooo

    1. Gracias guapi. Ni te imaginas lo perfecto que fue el momento de recibir tus palabras lindas de cariño. Espero poder hablar contigo pronto. Te extraño mucho y agradezco mucho tu presencia, aunque virtual. :) Muchos besos.

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