Music NYC 2013


You know when you have so much to say that you don’t know where to start? I frankly haven’t had a moment in front of my computer the past month where I have been doing other than quickly sending a document or just backing up my photos. Now, for instance, I am waiting for my New York photos to be backed up while painting my nails and researching the DJ’s that will be playing at tonight’s Moombathon, Renata is jumping around, and we are leaving the house in one hour.

I’m sorry – but I just can’t bother blogging right now, also, the stories I have to share are too special to be resumed – and you want the full picture, right?

But to give you something: Here’s what we will be dancing to tonight in Brooklyn, can’t wait.

Today I had the best cookie in the universe; Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip at Levain here in Renata’s neighbourhood. Almost fainted. Yesterday night a friend took me to mingle at a weekly networking event at the Princeton Club. I’ve been mixing work and vacation while being here, visiting museums, going for meetings, watching live music, watching people in the subway, eating amazing food and trying not to get overwhelmed by my excitement about this city. The last picture is one that Renata took of me this morning before going to work. I’m obviously exhausted, it’s been an amazing month.



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