Live from Android Nicaragua 2013

Quartz Crystal


“You must wash it with water from the sea and charge it in the light of the full moon. The positive energy will protect you.”

My friend Carlos that I met on Corn Island in May was as positively surprised as I when we bumped into each other in Granada last weekend. “I have something for you!” he said, pointing at the quartz crystal he had among his handicrafts. “I was thinking of you just the other day, when speaking about animal rights and life cycles with a friend – I was making this crystal at the time – it’s filled with a lot of positive energy, you have to own it.”

I’m not necessarily the quartz crystal vibes kind of person – but it is indeed beautiful, and I never got the time to buy anything from Carlos when I was on the island. So I made it mine. Now I just need to find sea water and wait for the full moon.

And I think I need to create a new category for the blog, called ‘Caroline’s hippie stories’ or something. Haha

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