Nostalgia Videos

Dimensions and childish distractions

That was in 1992 and I’m not sure what those 3D glasses did, but I was completely hooked on my VHS cassettes with My Little Pony, Resan till America and Wielka Podroz Bolka i Lolka. Today, I never turn on a TV to watch it by myself. In fact, if I have a TV, I take it out of my room because it only takes up space. This creates a little issue that my friends always laugh about – if there is a TV in a room that I enter, I can’t help but being very distracted by it, especially if it is playing the news, a bad Mexican soap opera, ridiculous commercials to laugh about, or cartoons. My favourite TV activity of all is to watch Cartoons together with kids. And random movies, of course, preferably in the company of curious and analytic adults. And I will talk during the movie, just so you know.

Wielka Podroz Bolka i Lolka (1977)
Telewizja Polska S.A

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