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I’m in Bluefields airport, waiting for my 15 minute flight to Corn Island. The airplane is too heavy so people have to leave their checked in luggage and pick it up with the next flight that comes in the afternoon. Another reason to travel as light as possible and try to bring no more than hand luggage. Unfortunately, they found my lethal killing machine, so I had to check it in. But as the ticket I got is bigger than the mini-nailclippers they took away from me, they promised to try to get them on the flight anyway. I doubt they will be affecting the weight of the flight.

By the way, isn’t my second hand leather handbag the most beautiful camera bag you have ever seen? I love the fact that my camera fits perfectly in it, and that it doesn’t scream: “I carry very expensive stuff – please steal me!!

Anyway, so we went to a suburb and danced the traditional Palo de Mayo yesterday, the landlady’s daughter and I. I can still hear the “Tulululu!” shouting and music in my head.

There will be a lot of photos and videos from the night, here’s a small preview:


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