India 2010 Photography

Memories: Photo Exhibition 2010

Found this old photo of when we were just done setting up the venue for my first solo photo exhibition in Malmö City, I had named it “The children of India and their reality”, and the project was an effort to explore and portray the different contexts that children in India live in.

It all started out like a small idea in my head and had within a week evolved into a proper personal exercise in project management, sponsorship applications, photo mission, partnership hunt, marketing strategy, graphic design efforts, media relations and finally a fundraising event. The time was very tight and it was all overwhelming and very new, but most of all – it was extremely fun and rewarding. The greatest feeling of all was when I first unpacked the delivery from the printing studio and saw my work printed on those big beautiful boards. I sometimes wonder if the photos that were sold are still hanging anywhere.

The sponsors and grants covered the venue, event and printing of posters, flyers and photos. Donations were collected through an online webshop, an sms code, photo sales and a simple vase at the venue – all the money went straight to UNICEF Sweden. All I got was euphoria and a set of new skills.

I haven’t posted these online before, but have now decided to share. Because, why not?

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