my passport 2005 – 2013

A quick run through my old passport that has been joining me since I started travelling five years ago. I had to renew it as I only had two pages left for stamps and will be travelling soon again. Receiving the new, empty, modern passport felt like starting from scratch, like rebooting the system. What’s next? What now? Was that it? I don’t know.

After speaking to friends who’s biggest obstacle to travelling is the whole process of standing in line for, applying for, paying for, waiting for and hoping for a visa, I have become increasingly thankful for my EU passport that opens doors of trust in most places. Truth is, I’ve only had to apply for visa through an embassy for three of the 38 countries I visited since this passport was printed. Thank you, Sweden.

Work-life Balance

India, 2010

I currently have so much work that life is being cancelled to allocate time for more work.

It all reminds me of that photo exhibition I posted about last night. It was exactly like this – I had an idea  and within no time I was responsible for a hugely ambitious project that grew by itself as I was working on it – I had to do everything from scratch on my own, I was almost losing the grip, but in the end it all turned out really well despite heavy snow storms and other obstacles.

I know that it’s not healthy, but I also know that I have no other choice. Luckily, I don’t suffer and actually work better under pressure, considering the fact that dealing with the deadlines that are breathing down my neck right now will keep me far from not only distractions but also necessities.

But I’m not leaving the blog. The blog is my coffee-brake, my moment for reflection, my loyal friend in all storms. It takes me no more than five minutes to write a post like this and what I get in return is an eternal diary post that I one day can go back to if I wish to be reminded about my life in this stage, about this feeling, and about my priorities.

Memories: Photo Exhibition 2010

Found this old photo of when we were just done setting up the venue for my first solo photo exhibition in Malmö City, I had named it “The children of India and their reality”, and the project was an effort to explore and portray the different contexts that children in India live in.

It all started out like a small idea in my head and had within a week evolved into a proper personal exercise in project management, sponsorship applications, photo mission, partnership hunt, marketing strategy, graphic design efforts, media relations and finally a fundraising event. The time was very tight and it was all overwhelming and very new, but most of all – it was extremely fun and rewarding. The greatest feeling of all was when I first unpacked the delivery from the printing studio and saw my work printed on those big beautiful boards. I sometimes wonder if the photos that were sold are still hanging anywhere.

The sponsors and grants covered the venue, event and printing of posters, flyers and photos. Donations were collected through an online webshop, an sms code, photo sales and a simple vase at the venue – all the money went straight to UNICEF Sweden. All I got was euphoria and a set of new skills.

I haven’t posted these online before, but have now decided to share. Because, why not?

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Can I have my bag, please?

“Okay, this is your stop – bye!”
“But excuse me, I need my bag.. it’s in there.”
“Right there – please get it out.”
“In there?”
“Yes. Please.”

“Lady come, come with me, come with me, come with me.”
“Wait, I want to get my bag first..”

India 2010, or is it needless to say? Wonderfully unpredictabe country. An engine, who would have thought?