Live from Android Nicaragua 2013

Friday night in Managua


As there was no water when I got home after a very long day, I started ironing clothes until I had gone through all of the dresses, shirts, skirts and blouses that had been so badly abused in my backpack.

Then the water was suddenly back on. A wonderful shower and kizombas in the background filled me with saudades for the city of dancing and sunrises.

The music immediately confused my overloaded brain, throwing it straight back into ‘maningue’ mode.

I might try to keep my Portuguese alive this way just in case. I did it with my Spanish while in Moz, listening to a lot of Bebe and Vetusta Morla and writing my emails to Ady in Spanish instead of English, haha.. it seems to have worked, I’m back on track now and learning new random words every day as about 80% of my meetings, emails and documents are in Spanish.

Probably my favourite thing about this city. Come on, Managua. I’m sure you can do better than this…

Anyway – I might go out of the city and do some exploring tomorrow. But first I will need some hours of proper sleep. My room has been fumigated and most of the bugs seem to have checked out. Who knows though, maybe they are just waiting for me to turn off the lights. *dramatic music*

Good night, all.

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