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Naturally monochromatic

Sturup, Sweden. February 2013. Colours not modified.

I’m back in the magnificent country where healthcare, social security and gender equality are things one can take for granted and enjoy in tranquility. Colours, however, are as rare here as the luxury of being woken up by rays of natural sunlight. Details that practically might have much less impact on one’s well being than those formerly mentioned, but still, the fact that I would get all of my belongings reimbursed in case my house would burn down or that doctor’s appointment in a couple of days that I won’t be paying anything for can’t possibly add up to the feeling of euphoria that five minutes of smiling at the sun gives me.

It’s not at all about not being thankful for what I have here, it’s more of a longing for those swirling colours on the skirt of a Bolivian lady, the perfectly organized chaos in an intersection in India, the sunrise dancing of the young Mozambicans, or just a little bit of edge.

Macchu Picchu, Peru. April 2008. Colours not modified.


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