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The wonderful surprises of DJ Jesaja

Growing up with an affection for the voices and beats in R&B and soul tunes, I have been struck by euphoria to DJ Jesaja’s music in different clubs in Malmö since I was 15 years old. They say that he plays R&B, but he always makes sure to throw in some marvellous oldschool soul track, or surprise with some classic hip hop, dancehall, New Jack Swing or funk, and I can’t help but loving even the most cheesy parts of it.

One evening in 2005, when I was sitting in front of the computer while on vacation in Poland, Jesaja called me on Skype. He was playing in a club in Sweden, and instantly managed to turn my boring Saturday evening into one of the most memorable music experiences I have had. Dancing with headphones ftw.

Today, Jesaja wrote to me saying that a stream of his latest radio mix was available online, and I instantly began swaying. One and a half hour later, when reaching Koffee Brown’s After Party, I died a little from nostalgia overload. This is just wonderful, so I’m sharing. Do enjoy.

Lyssna: Din Gata – DJ show


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