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Something about Stella

Here’s a beautifully random coincidence for you:

Yesterday when my friends picked me up to take me to Catembe, the driver was playing one of my favourite songs ever that I hadn’t heard in a really long time. I was euphoric, sang along and wouldn’t let him change it, he said that “Something about us” was the only one he had from the album – which was perfect as it was the only one I wanted to hear. We crossed the bay and ended up all having a great night out, as you already know.

Just now, while blogging and chatting on Facebook about yesterday’s evening and photos – the same friend writes “Your Portuguese is stellar” which I find being a nice expression. Around that moment, I go: “pick a random number” and he picks the number 19.

Why I wanted a number? Because I sometimes pick a random page in my blog to read, you know, the way you sometimes would open an old book in the middle just to dive into those memories again.

So I write – and start scrolling. And what do I find? It’s just a pretty frikkin’ perfect coincidence, don’t you think?

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