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On the love for Driving

You already know how much I love to drive. I’ve been nagging about about how my father used to race with cars and how I was taught how to drive long before getting my license. What I haven’t told you, however, is why I find it so great.

The freedom of being able to move quickly and independently from one place to another is, of course, the most basal benefit of having access to a car. The feeling of complete independence and freedom, and then, of course, there’s the music. In a car, the music embraces you in a way it can never really do in a room, the feeling of a vacuum, the sound bouncing off the walls in a very limited space that you become a part of. The sound bouncing off of you. You singing along. Sounding pretty bad but feeling pretty awesome. Happiness.

I recently shot some videos, one of them is from Maputo and the other one from when I was in Malmö, cruising with Angie Stone. I sometimes film random little bits and pieces of my daily life to try to capture some essential feelings and the surroundings I today take for granted but tomorrow might be wondering about. Here you have two of those – they are about the unconditional love I feel for driving. And about random music.

And to all my dear nerd followers, I know I haven’t been entertaining you for a while, but I can tell you that Avast recently updated their Android mobile security app to awesomeness beyond that of prey, check it out here.


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